The Last Day of Summer

This summer was the summer of bicycles. Well it certainly was in our house. With a Brit firmly ensconced in a Rainbow, in early July we headed off to France to follow the Tour. We hung around on road sides, we collected tat from the Caravane, we saw a British man in Yellow, we cycled through roads lined with sunflowers and looked longingly at Ventoux. I came home and bought my first road bike while the rest of the country tried to grow ginger sideburns. The Olympics and Paralympics continued to fuel the fever. So last week’s Tour of Britain felt like an appropriate end – a cycling race for a country gone cycling mad.

We rather jealously watched the growing crowds on the television and on the last day of the Tour we headed off to Surrey Hills to get one last look (perhaps) at those Rainbow stripes. The Aussie was a volunteer marshall on the Category 2 climb on Crocknorth Road and some friends and I found a perch on a rather well placed disused railway bridge. Here are a few rather shaky instagram snaps…

An appropriate T shirt for the day – roughly translates as “Everyone is crazy for the Tour”

Off to the Surrey Hills

Head of the race

The head of the race

Cav leads the peloton

And the back of the race heading up Crocknorth Road

Surrey Hills beer

All this spectating is hard work

There was a stage win at the end for the Rainbow in front of record-breaking crowds and a British pretender to the cycling throne winning the GC. It was a fantastic day out with some wonderful friends and I started considering of a third bicycle for my collection… Possibly the perfect cycling end to the cycling summer.