Yarnbombing: Moscow

a ‘yarn bombed’ street light outside Gorky Park in Moscow

I’m a rather fascinated with yarn bombing at the moment. It feels looks like fun but also a crafty bit of rebellion. As the wonderful Streetcolor Art says,  

“some think that yarnbombing is just silly and it is fun but it is also full of soul . Our cities belong to us’
 I saw quite a few of these street lights, wrapped up in little knitted coats, around Gorky Park when we went to Moscow.  They seemed really incongruous, mainly because I had a (unrealistic) vision in my head of the bureaucracy of Russia never allowing anything like this. But they were also really gorgeous against the backdrop of the snow…
This rather refined gentleman had been given a little woolen beanie to keep him warm in the freezing temperatures.

I’ve been wondering a lot about the value of yarnbombing. Some may argue that it seems rather pointless, it doesn’t have a direct message – what does covering lampost, statues, even buildings in knitting actually say to us? Or is it purely a statement, like Streetcolor Art says, about the ownership of our towns and cities? Our towns and cities are dominated with advertising and municipal statues and structures. Does yarnbombing empower people in customising their surrounds in a non-permanent and fun way? What does yarnbombing say to you?