Welcome, Tiny Overlord


Things have been rather quiet here in Little Stitch Towers, while I have been juggling the two challenges of university final assignments and exams and the first trimester of pregnancy. But in good news, I’m now nearly 15 weeks, so far our Tiny Overlord is looking mighty fine, my last exam is next week and I am going to celebrate by going to see #imapiece in London.

Thanks for continuing to visiting this little space and I’ll have lots more to share with you very soon.

The Tiny Overlord cross stitch design is by Subversive Cross Stitch and this version was made by Threadia Blog.

Want to come and see #imapiece in London? It’s on Thursday 25th April at Craft Central. Read all about the event HERE.

Hopefully see you there x

4 thoughts on “Welcome, Tiny Overlord

  1. you see, I was feeling quite ranty about how utterly bored I was with embroidered words, but that’s actaully funny, and you put some twiddly bits on it as well, which finish it just nicely.

    of course, the eventual baby vomit will probably finish it off completely…

    • Heh, if you are bored with embroidered words then this may not be the blog for you as there’s quite a few of them on here… But it is great isn’t it? Sadly not my work, though I am tempted to make a version for the Tiny Overlord’s room. It might go quite high up on the wall though…

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