Dress to impress


The lack of ‘before’ photos means I’ll never make a good DIY blogger, but I just wanted to share with you what has been taking up most of my spare time this week: Our secondhand 1980s dark wooden kitchen dresser is a fantastic bit of furniture, but the dark colour of the wood meant that was absorbing all the light in our tiny north-facing kitchen. A transformation was needed and after 10 hours of sanding, priming and 3 careful coats of eggshell paint, the dresser got its new green lease of life.

We’re really happy with the result, the kitchen is already a much lighter brighter place. The light green colour compliments our cream kitchen units and the dark green of my beloved ‘Tube’ tiles.

And just to prove it was all my own work, here’s the dresser mid paint, ably assisted by a cat who later had a slight green bottom…