Patchwork it out

Little Stitch Blog: Patchwork Curtains

We’ve all embarked on craft projects and part way through questioned a: what on earth we are doing and b: whether we’ll ever get them finished? Nearly a year ago, inspired by my dear friend Vix (the gorgeous Vintage Vixen) and hugely uninspired by other fabric offerings out there, I decided to make some patchwork curtains for our bedroom window. Which also happens to be the largest window in the house.

I’ve not got much experience of patchworking, I believe most people start with smaller project like a cushion cover or a cot quilt. But after much procrastination, swearing, over 300 hundred postcard sized patches later and untold amounts of hours on the sewing machine, yesterday we finally hung our new curtains. And we couldn’t be more pleased.

Little Stitch Blog: Patchwork Curtains

The curtains are made a mixture of cotton-based patches: many of them are from vintage bedding, but there are also pieces of sarong, African tunic, fabric samples, odds and ends left over from other projects and a few pieces cut from modern fat quarters thrown in there. The beauty of the patchwork curtains is, by using reclaimed fabrics, they are practically free.

Little Stitch Blog: Patchwork Curtains

We are immensely happy with them, they make a huge colourful statement in our refurbished bedroom, really complimenting our turquoise paint. They are very joyful, but possibly my favourite thing about them is the ‘stained glass’ window effect they have when the sun shines through them.

So, despite it taking nearly a year and having been ever so close to abandonment so very many times, I am pretty happy with my first patchwork project. But maybe I’ll try something smaller next…