Yarnbombing: Brentford

Not just yarnbombing, but here on Little Stitch we bring you yarnbombing spotted on the move!

These photos of yarnbombed trees on Brentford High Street come from ‘The Aussie’s’ helmet camera, after he spotted them on his bicycle commute in to Central London. You might need to tilt your screen a bit…

Yarnbombed tree on Brentford High Street

Yarnbombed tree on Brent

Aren’t they fabulous? As always, do you know who made these yarnbombs? And why? I’d really love to know.

You can check out more of the gallery of yarnbombing gallery from around the world here. And if you have spotted any mysterious yarnbombs you would like me to feature, please drop me a line – my contact details can be found here.

Happy hunting!