101 Uses of a Vintage Sheet (Part 1 of a very occasional series)

Most people seem to have a Marmite relationship with 1970s decor. For some the bright colours and bold prints are an instant turn off. But for me, like a jar of the infamous spread, I love it – the bigger, the brighter, the bolder, the better. So when I spy 1970s vintage sheets in charity shops, I snap them up without a moment’s hesitation. They are probably the cheapest way to get some genuine vintage fabric in your life and are available to be picked up for almost pennies. I really love using bits of my stash to add colour to our home.
Homemade Patchwork Pillowcases

Last week I decided we needed something on our bed, that would compliment the rather joyous patchwork curtains that reside in our bedroom and managed to rustle up these pillowcases in a few hours on the sewing machine. The patches are the same size (postcard sized) that I used on the curtains and I think they look rather good together


Next up was a bit of upcycling I did for the impending arrival of the Tiny Overlord.

Upcycled Fruit Crate

I found this fruit crate dumped outside our local greengrocers and after a bit of a sand, prime and paint (with the addition of a little bit of decoupage) I’ve lined the inside with a piece of vintage sheet. I’m not sure what is going to go in it yet, but I am reassured that babies come with plenty of paraphernalia that might keep me busy.

But sheets don’t just have to be homeware.


I also used an offcut to make this birthday card for a friend’s daughter. The ribbon and charm were repurposed from the packaging of an Etsy purchase. She’s pretty cute isn’t she?

So what do you do with your vintage sheets? From bedding to beyond! I’d love to know (and see, please leave a link!)