Sharing Ink

Sometimes the intention and meaning behind a guerrilla art project makes me feel slightly giddy. I discovered this wonderful project called Sharing Ink by Australian artist Sayraphim Lothian through the Craftivist Collective’s Facebook group.

Sayraphim has made and left 30 blank journals, each with a message inscribed in front page, around Melbourne for people to find. This really rather beautiful film tells the story…

Sharing Ink from The Public Studio on Vimeo.

The Sharing Ink appeals to me on so many levels. Firstly I love Sayaphim’s views on public art, on the difference in interaction and ownership between art in a public place and art in a gallery. The project also makes me think about own relationship with books, my increasing reliance on computers, e-readers and gadgets and how books provide something tangible and physical that isn’t replicated by modern technology. I also love that this project is asking people to challenge their perceptions of people they don’t know, challenging society’s preconception that all ‘strangers’ should be feared. That someone you don’t know could actually make your day better…

You can read more about Sharing Ink on this blog or on the Facebook page, which also include the stories from people that have found some of the journals. I really really love this project.