Adventures in Visible Mending

Despite not being able to do them up over my now rather epic bump, the sudden change in temperature has found me sorting out all things snug and woolen. I have an absolute weakness for a vintage cardigan. The closer to something my Granddad would have worn, the better, in my opinion. But a love for snuggly old man knitwear does have its problems in the maintenance department, all things vintage and well loved are prone to wear and tear.

In the spirit of the Making Do Project, I’ve been investigating beautiful ways to patch and repair my beloved cardigan collection, to increase their lifespan, and, thanks to Crafty Magazine, I discovered Tom of Holland and the Visible Mending Programme. Tom describes the programme on his blog;

“The Visible Mending Programme seeks to highlight that the art and craftsmanship of clothes repair is particularly relevant in a world where more and more people voice their dissatisfaction with fashion’s throwaway culture. By exploring the story behind garment and repair, the Programme attempts to reinforce the relationship between the wearer and garment,  leading to people wearing their existing clothes for longer, with the beautiful darn worn as a badge of honour…”

And darns can be really beautiful (please click on the pictures to view the original sources)…


Tom of Holland’s ‘Amazing Jumper’

Prick Your Finger's Darned Shetland Jumper

Prick Your Finger’s Darned Shetland Jumper

This cardigan, also darned by Tom of Holland, ticks all my 'Granddad chic' boxes

This cardigan, also darned by Tom of Holland, ticks all my ‘Granddad chic’ boxes

Suitably inspired and armed with a darning mushroom, I thought I’d give visible mending a go on a 1980s collared cardigan I’d bought discounted from Etsy seller due to a hole in the front..

entures in Visible Mending

The mend is next between the buttons and the bottom of the pocket on the right hand side

entures in Visible Mending

And a closer look…

I wasn’t confident enough in my fledgling darning abilities to use the kind of high contrasting colour used by Tom of Holland or Prick Your Finger, the darn itself is still a little rough and ready and I think my technique will improve with practice. But I am really rather proud of it, I have felt a stronger connection with my clothes through darning and I am delighted to give this cardie a second lease of life.

Now, what can I mend next…?