Looking at the veggie patch, this year’s big plans for growing haven’t quite panned out as I thought they might back in January, I wanted to grow our Christmas dinner, instead I grew a baby. The only people that have been dining out on the content of our garden are the Thames Valley’s slugs and snails.

Purple Brussel Sprout

Thames Valley Snails – Very fond of sprouts

I’ve always had plans for our outdoors space – daydreams of an urban very very small holding. Being self sufficient. Ish… But the arrival of Tiny Overlord has made me even more determined to make our garden a positive place. He might only be six weeks old but I want to try a create somewhere where he can forge a good relationship with nature, where he can see food grow, where we can all grow, as a family.

Rainbow Chard

Proof that Rainbow Chard will survive anywhere

So we are starting small, doing some tidying and mulching, planting daffs and getting ready for the spring. Next year, 2014, our little patch of land might be the place to manifest some little dreams.