Nobody puts Baby in a corner


I got rather giddy when a photo of our bedroom appeared on the Papermash Facebook page the other day. This corner of the room technically belong to the Tiny Overlord, who sleeps in the co-sleeping crib.

I had been trying to think of ways to add a bit of personality to his part of the room without making it too ‘babyfied’. Because, let’s face it, we don’t care too much for traditional baby decor and, at 4 months old, neither does he. Heavily inspired by the interior design ideas of Hannah and Vicky, I found the wonderful star mobile over at Papermash. I think it is meant to be a Christmas decoration, but it’s far far too beautiful for just one month a year. Our new name ‘wall art’ is made from a make your own banner kit (also from Papermash) and some fabulous vintage wallpaper that I had set my heart on decorating our hallway with, but alas there wasn’t enough. I’m glad I’ve found a way for it to be on show.


You can find more corners, not all for Baby, around our home here.

This post isn’t sponsored, we’ve just got an awful lot of love for Papermash.