Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

“Let’s take the Tiny Overlord to the butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum”, he said. “Baby? Museum? London? Butterflies?!”, I stuttered. “The Tiny Overlord will love it”, said the Aussie. “Hmm…” I sceptically replied.

But with that our little family of three (myself, the Aussie and the 7 month old Tiny Overlord) headed off on the train to London to go to the world renowned Natural History Museum.

The Natural History Museum, London

The Natural History Museum, London

The beautiful Natural History Museum. The Sensational Butterflies exhibit is in the marquee on the lawn, however, we also had a sneaky peak at the diplodocus skeleton and the Earth Story while the little one snoozed in the sling.

Beautiful butterflies

The butterflies were beautiful and exotic. Not like anything I had ever seen in the UK before.

'owl' markings on the underside of butterfly wings

Though I was as equally fascinated by the stunning markings on the underside of their wings, coloured to help camouflage.

lemon tree

I was also rather taken by this lemon. I am easily pleased.

baby looking at butterflies

And what did the the Tiny Overlord think? Well, he was fascinated, genuinely and utterly fascinated – watching them land, take off and fly around the tent or just calmly observed them simply flutter their wings.

I’m not sure if this is a common occurrence in early motherhood, but I am sometimes hesitant to take the little guy to new and unusual places. Despite the fact that, if I am honest, I really don’t enjoy baby orientated events. Am I worried that he won’t enjoy it? Am I worried what other people might think if he cries? I couldn’t say for certain. But every time we do take a ‘brave’ step, we all have a wonderful time and I wonder why I do not step out of my comfort zone more often and find something that we all find stimulating and enjoyable?

It is really important to us to get the Tiny Overlord engaging with the outside world. I know it is very easy and ‘natural’ to want to keep our babies inside and safe. But even at such a young age he already seems to love nature and being outside. Seeing the world through his eyes is wonderful too, imagine what it must be like to see your first butterfly? Getting him outside I have little problem with, taking him to inside places I often need a little more convincing. However, Seeds and Stitches recently did a post about taking babies to art exhibitions. They also shared links to the fascinating Culture Babies in Manchester and the very interesting Kids in Museums initiative.

Buoyed by our weekend’s success, I am certainly going to try to think out of the [toy] box of places to take the tiny one. I just need to have a little more faith in all of us.