In Search of Big Skies…

Another new blog, really Roo? Well, yes.

Picture of new web page

Yes, I need to charge my iPad. But for those unfamiliar with my online story, I’ll give you a quick recap to explain how we got here to my latest blogosphere incarnation. Back in 2008, I made some tentative steps in to the world of fashion blogging. I love my clothes, I love vintage and I love a budget busting bargain. However, I HATE having my photo taken, I hate having to look at my photo even more. So my career as a style blogger was limited, I prefer writing personal posts. Which also included posts about some of my crafty creations.

One day I found myself described online as a craft blogger, I even got invited to a craft launch event. So, in a panic, I created a craft blog – and Little Stitch was born. But I was never that comfortable with the name – maybe a little twee? Maybe a little limiting? Maybe a little bit too much like everything else? I just wasn’t happy with it.

For a very long time my various online bios have simply said ‘continually searching for big skies’. Because I am. Literally and metaphorically. So here we are. A new blog, a new name and a new look. Maybe this will be my permanent internet home or maybe I’ll just keep wandering from URL to URL like an online Littlest Hobo… Either way, I hope both you and I enjoy.